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Dr. Pranab Gyawali, having had extensive experience from the UK, offers specialized care in gut health, expertly managing conditions like IBS, IBD, acid reflux, and fatty liver. He emphasizes a comprehensive approach, combining the latest medical treatments with insights from nutrition and gut microbiome research to holistically optimize gut health. Beyond traditional care, Dr. Gyawali holds a passion for assisting fitness enthusiasts and health optimizers looking to harness their gut health for improved sports performance.



With Dr. Gyawali, you are in caring and capable hands. He's not just dedicated to exceptional medical care but also deeply committed to enhancing every patient's experience. His leadership and innovative thinking led to the creation of a GI Physiology Unit and initiated the pioneering Inflammatory Bowel Disease multidisciplinary meetings at his last hospital. Beyond his clinical endeavors, Dr. Gyawali's credentials extended to roles as a Hospital Inspector for the Care Quality Commission and an Examiner for the esteemed Royal College of Physicians (UK). This dedication to quality and service ensures that as his patient, you receive top-tier, holistic care every step of the way.


Your well-being is Dr Gyawali’s top priority. Driven by years of expertise, he employs the most recent techniques and tools to treat a range of gastrointestinal concerns, from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis to reflux issues and more. Recognizing the value of collaboration, Dr. Gyawali works hand-in-hand with fellow experts, ensuring you receive a thorough and harmonized approach to your diagnosis and care.


Every patient is unique, and Dr. Gyawali understands that. He delves deep into your medical history, listens intently to your concerns, and aligns his recommendations with your specific needs and aspirations. By providing clarity about your condition and potential treatments, he ensures you're well-informed and empowered.


At the core of Dr. Gyawali's practice is a commitment to individualized, evidence-driven, and patient-focused care. Recognizing that each patient's journey is unique, he prioritizes optimal outcomes and improved quality of life.

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  • chandra puliIt's been privileged to work with Dr. Pranab, who has been extremely respected, both from the patients and colleagues, and also he worked as a clinical lead in one of the biggest university hospitals in London. During his tenure, he has made his mark, both as a leadership and also clinical excellenc...
    chandra puli

  • I was under Dr Gyawali for many years at Queens hospital and he was always helpful and understanding of my needs and problems. I wish him the very best in his future endeavours I know I will miss him.
    NHS patient at Queen's Hospital


  • I was referred to Dr Gyawali at Queens Hospital Romford for a manometry test. He carefully read through my medical notes and realised that a significnt diagnosis had been repeatedly missed by my previous doctor. He immediately referred me to the necessary specialists for urgent treatment. He treated...
    patient at Queen's Medical Centre


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Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria, naturally present in the digestive tract, which confer health benefits to the body. They help keep your digestive system healthy by reducing the levels of harmful disease-causing bacteria in your gut. Probiotics can also be obtained from certain foods and supplements. These replenish the naturally present bacteria lost after taking antibiotics and restore the balance in the digestive system.


Is It Bad If You Don’t Poop Every Day? Here’s What Gastroenterologists Say

Bowel movements happen at different frequencies for everyone; the average range is anywhere from three times per day to three times per week.Factors like diet, age, lifestyle, health conditions, and medications can influence how often you poop.

Lessons in Gut Health: Why Balancing Bacteria Matters

Balancing your gut health through foods, supplements, and lifestyle habits is about so much more than improving digestion. Gut health is linked to physical and mental health, and an imbalanced gut microbiome can lead to chronic health conditions.


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I was referred to Dr Gyawali for a manometry test. He carefully studied my medical history. and realised that my previous doctor had repeatedly missed a significant diagnosis. He immediately referred me on to the necessary specialists for urgent treatment. I cannot thank him enough..

Patient at Queen's Hospital

29th February 2020