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Dr. Pranab Gyawal

Dr. Pranab Gyawali

MBBS (London), FRCP (UK)
Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Pranab Gyawali undertook his medical training at the prestigious Guys and St Thomas’ Medical School in London in 1997. He continued to refine his skills in gastroenterology and achieved his CCT in 2007 after advanced GI training in London.

Between 2008 and 2022, Dr. Gyawali dedicated himself to serving in the National Health Service in Northeast London. There, he provided a full range of GI services, earning recognition from his peers, which was underscored by the award of 3 Clinical Excellence points.

Dr. Gyawali is known for his proactive approach in medical services development. He established a GI Physiology Unit and initiated the very first Inflammatory Bowel Disease multidisciplinary team meetings at his hospital, improving the scope and quality of care for patients.

He has also lent his expertise to the broader medical community through time-limited but valuable roles as a Care Quality Commission Hospital Inspector and as an examiner for the Royal College of Physicians (UK) for the PACES Exam. These roles, though not permanent, allowed him to make a meaningful impact on the standards of healthcare and medical education.

Dr. Gyawali's scholarly contributions include articles in international journals and presentations at national conferences, with a special interest in inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal motility disorders.

As a member of the British Society of Gastroenterology’s Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee and a Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians (UK), Dr. Gyawali brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice. He is fully registered with the UK General Medical Council and holds a DHA License, ensuring he is equipped to provide top-tier gastroenterology care to a broad patient community.


Dr. Pranab Gyawali, Consultant Gastroenterologist


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  • I had a consultation with Dr. Pranab regarding my gut health. The session led to valuable insights that prompted positive changes in my lifestyle and diet. Dr. Pranab's expertise and guidance helped improve my overall health, explaining the results simple and clear for me. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

    - G J

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  • United Medical and Dental Schools of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London


  • MBBS Honours in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of London
  • FRCP (UK)
  • CCT in Gastroenterology
  • CCT in General Internal Medicine
  • University of Leeds Postgraduate Certificate in Patient Safety and Risk Management


  • Experienced with gastroscopy and colonoscopy at Consultant level for 14 years.
  • Experienced with endoscopic management of GI bleeding including varices.
  • Expert in conducting 24hr impedance and manometry tests.
  • Extensive experience of delivering inpatient and outpatient gastroenterology referral service.
  • Experienced with managing General Medical inpatients at Consultant level for 14 years.
  • Recognised trainer by the GMC for teaching medical students and junior doctors.


  • Department Clinical Governance Lead – 3 years
  • Endoscopy Training Lead – 3 years
  • Department Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lead – 5 years
  • Clinical Lead of Gastroenterology Department – 1 year
  • Care Quality Commission UK Inspector – 2 years
  • MRCP (UK) Paces Examiner for Royal College of Physicians (London) – 2 years


  • Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians UK
  • Member of the British Society of Gastroenterology



12 Nov 2007 – 25 Nov 2022

Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust, London.

Full time Consultant Gastroenterologist and GIM Physician

  • Responsible for gastroenterology ward including cover for hepatology and general medical inpatients.
  • Two weekly outpatient clinics covering– Inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, Upper and lower GI Cancer, liver disease.
  • Specialist referral service for acid reflux and oesophageal motility disorders
  • Two weekly endoscopy lists covering upper and lower GI endoscopy including polypectomy.
  • Participation in GI bleed rota
  • Notable achievements:
    • Setting up and running the upper GI physiology service to provide 24hr impedance and manometry service to surrounding hospitals for over 12 years.
    • Responsible for setting up the IBD MDT which has now been running 13 years.
    • Achievement of JAG accreditation for endoscopy Unit while Training lead for Endoscopy 2010.
    • Principal Investigator for Queens site in the CONSTRUCT trial which was a multicentre randomised trial of biological treatment in acute ulcerative colitis (2009) and in RAPID which was a trial using rifaximin to prevent Clostridium difficile infection (2016).
    • Accredited Clinical Supervisor for junior doctor training.

11 Jul 2007 – 09 Nov 2007

Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust, Woolwich London

Locum Consultant Gastroenterologist and General Physician


North East London Specialist Registrar Rotation in Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine

01 Oct 2001 – 30 Sept 2002

Whipps Cross Hospital NHS Trust, Dr R Greaves, Dr E Alstead

Specialist Registrar Gastroenterology & GIM

Independent with upper GI endoscopy and On call for acute general medicine.

01 Oct 2002 –30 Sept 2003

Newham General Hospital NHS Trust, Dr V Kulhalli, Dr C Ainley

Specialist Registrar Gastroenterology & GIM

Independent with lower GI endoscopy and On call for acute general medicine.

01 Oct 2003 – 03 Oct 2004

University College Hospital NHS Trust (Middlesex Hospital)

Specialist Registrar Pancreatobiliary medicine 9 months

Tertiary referral centre for biliary and pancreatic cancer.

Specialist Registrar in IBD 3 months
Managing patients with complex inflammatory bowel disease at a tertiary centre. Registrar on the weekly Nutrition ward rounds covering all inpatients on TPN. 3 months of high intensity 1:5 general medicine with continuity of care maintained post on call.

04 Oct 2004 – 02 Oct 2005

Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, Dr R Vicary, Dr VS Wong, Dr D Suri

Specialist Registrar Gastroenterology & GIM

Further experience with upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy activity. Responsible for organising the out of hours gastrointestinal bleeding rota.

03 Oct 2005 – 03 Apr 2006

Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust, Liver Unit, Prof AK Burroughs, Dr D Patch

Specialist Registrar Gastroenterology & GIM

SpR on tertiary referral liver unit including liver transplantation medicine.
Direct post-operative care of patients following liver transplantation including twice-daily ITU ward-rounds with the ITU physicians. Responsible for seeing ward referrals, undertaking endoscopy on ITU patients and advising referrals from other hospitals for management of acute liver failure. Participation in the out of hours gastrointestinal bleeding rota.

04 Apr 2006 –1 Oct 2006

Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust, Professor O Epstein

SpR Gastroenterology & GIM

Tertiary referral centre for IBD and gastroparesis. Familiarity with the use of gastric neurostimulator and biological therapy for IBD. Introduction and practical experience with Virtual Colonoscopy (V3D) and capsule endoscopy. Experience working on a large Medical Admission Unit during acute on call.

02 Oct 2006 –11 Jul 2007

BHR Hospitals NHS Trust, King George site, Dr S L Grainger, Dr G E Bettany

SpR Gastroenterology & GIM

Extensive exposure to upper and lower GI endoscopy- upto 4 lists per week. Weekly capsule endoscopy session and nutrition ward rounds. Participation in the National Inflammatory Bowel disease Audit. Continued involvement in G(I)M as senior most of acute medical team.


Preregistration year (Internship)

06 Aug 1997- 03 Feb 1998

University Hospital Lewisham NHS Trust

Miss J Linsell / Orthopaedic.

04 Feb 1998- 04 Aug 1998

St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School NHS Trust

Dr RPH Thompson / Prof PJ Ciclitira / Dr M Finbar

Two-year medical Senior House Officer rotation

05 Aug 1998- 03 Aug 1999

Epsom General Hospital NHS Trust

Dr DC Rangedara / Dr AG Lim / Dr SR Gould / Dr OS Odemuyiwa / Dr P Mitchell-Heggs.

05Aug 1999- 01 Aug 2000

St Georges Hospital Medical School NHS Trust

Prof. D Oliviera / Dr J Eastwood / Dr S Nelson / Dr C Streather / Prof. GE Griffin
Dr M Warnsbrough Jones / Dr DC Macallan and Dr D Lewis

Two-year medical Senior House Officer rotation

05 Aug 1998- 03 Aug 1999

Epsom General Hospital NHS Trust

Dr DC Rangedara / Dr AG Lim / Dr SR Gould / Dr OS Odemuyiwa / Dr P Mitchell-Heggs.

05 Aug 1999- 01 Aug 2000

St Georges Hospital Medical School NHS Trust

Prof. D Oliviera / Dr J Eastwood / Dr S Nelson / Dr C Streather / Prof. GE Griffin
Dr M Warnsbrough Jones / Dr DC Macallan and Dr D Lewis

Six months with a US based Mission hospital and Save the Children Fund (UK)

21 Aug 2000 – 19 Jan 2001

Patan Mission Hospital, Kathmandu Nepal

Medical Registrar post.

Stand alone Senior House Officer posts

01 Feb 2001 – 31 Jul 2001

Charing Cross Hospital NHS Trust,

Dr AV Thillainayagam

01 Aug 2001 – 30 Sep 2001

St Georges Hospital Medical School NHS Trust

Prof David Bennett


  • Sir John McNee award, Medical Society of London: Best research project proposal submitted from London Medical Schools. 1996
  • Thakrah award for work in occupational health: Society of Occupational Medicine. 1996
  • Public Health Medicine Prize: UMDS 1996
  • Dr George Michael Morris Prize for research in Third world medicine. 1996
  • Rayne Foundation bursary for elective project following recommendation from UMDS. 1996
  • Three Clinical Excellence Awards from Barking, Havering Redbridge NHS Trust 2010 -2016



Associate Clinical Tutor, Royal College of Physicians, Newham General Hospital Oct 2002 –Oct 2003

Responsible for:

  • Undergraduate teaching – lecture based and clinical bedside teaching to medical students.
  • Postgraduate- House officer and MRCP teaching for other SHO’s



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  2. P Gyawali. Is taking a siesta really a health hazard? Archives of Internal Medicine. 2000; 13;160(5):711


  1. Medical Society of London – 1997: Comparison of hepatitis B vaccination uptake among healthcare workers in a typical developing country and UK.
  2. British Society of Gastroenterology –2004: Polyps – ‘Ligate and let go’
  3. 3rd Annual Dubai International Gastroenterology Congress 2023: Speaker and Moderator. Gut Microbiome – Is it the new frontier?
  4. 1st Emirates International Colorectal Congress 2023 : Stoma Workshop and Patient Experience Panel


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I was referred to Dr Gyawali for a manometry test. He carefully studied my medical history. and realised that my previous doctor had repeatedly missed a significant diagnosis. He immediately referred me on to the necessary specialists for urgent treatment. I cannot thank him enough..

Patient at Queen's Hospital

29th February 2020